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The Deliverer is a first-person delivery game where you deliver quests as fast as possible! Developed for December 2015 One Game a Month game jam (theme 'Quest Giver').


WASD - Movement

MOUSE - Look


SPACE - Jump

F/RIGHT Mouse - Pickup

Q/E - Inventory Scroll

LEFT Mouse - Throw Mail

Esc - Show Mouse Cursor

Developed By...

All content except textures developed within December 2015 by Mike Ellis (@Eliasar_) and Matthew Christian (@matchristian). Textures purchased from texture providers such as GameTextures.com. Developed for 1GAM (One Game A Month) game jam challenge December 2015 where the theme was developing a take on 'quest giver'. Find the challenge details here: https://soundcloud.com/1gam/1gam-keynote-questgiver

Have fun! :)

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