A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Jump Shot is a basic 2D platformer prototype that I've started developing in hopes of creating gameplay that feels satisfying and fun.  I'm not sure if this will turn into anything larger and will be randomly updating it with different things.  Most of the focus will initially be on mechanics over visuals.

Currently using a combination of my own temporary art and a great pixel asset pack by @mnrart.  You can get Mort's asset here for your own use: Pixelart


Move: A/D/Arrow Keys/DPad/Left Stick
Jump/Wall Kick: Space/Gamepad 'A Button'
Dash (in air): Left Shift/Gamepad 'X Button'
Ground Pound: Hold Down/S + Dash
Shoot: Left Mouse/Right Stick
Quit: Escape/Gamepad Start

Version List:

0.0.4 - New larger level, bug fixes, dash cancel

0.0.3 - Long air dash, shoot, ground pound, movement tweaks

0.0.2 - Double jump, two-way platforms, timed platforms, destroyable blocks.

0.0.1 - Initial version.  Basic controls, input, jump, dash, movement.  Spikes, checkpoint, basic camera movement.

Install instructions

Unzip the folder JumpShot to any directory and run the .EXE


JumpShot.zip 15 MB

Development log